• Aali Ahmad / Place, curated exhibition

    Admbakan Alireza /a trilogy of playful agony , solo exhibition

    Akbari Alavijeh Amir Hossein / down  with  reality, curated  exhibition

    Akbari Amin / Marco Polo's Emancipation from Hospital, solo exhibition

    Akbari Jaleh / echo from the past, curated   exhibition

    Ansarinia Nazgol / place, curated   exhibition

    Asadi Bijan / sculpture, curated   exhibition

    Ave Fereydoun / solo   exhibition

    Ayari Mazdak / place, curated   exhibition

    Bakhshi Mahmood /

    Beheshti Ali / place, curated   exhibition

    Bordbar Mehrdad  / echo from the past, curated   exhibition

    Chamberlain Ian / echo from the past, curated   exhibition

    Dorra Davood / sliding on the division line, curated   exhibition

    Emad Maryam / sculpture, curated   exhibition

    Emad Mohammad Hossein / sculpture, curated   exhibition

    Emdadian Davod / place, curated   exhibition

    Espandi Maryam / place, curated   exhibition

    Ghafouri Amir / down  with  reality, curated  exhibition

    Ghazali Mohammad / place, curated   exhibition

    Gholamzadeh Mohammad Hossein / The Fall, solo   exhibition

    Hajiabadi Sepehr / down  with  reality, curated  exhibition

    Hakim Vahid / place, curated   exhibition

    Hoseyni Hoseyn / sliding on the division line, curated   exhibition

    Izadinia Iman / sliding on the division line, curated   exhibition

    Khalili Mohammad / place, curated   exhibition

    Lotfizadeh Tarlan sculpture, curated   exhibition

    Maleki Roozbeh / repetition, curated   exhibition

    Mirsharifi Sadra / down  with  reality, curated  exhibition

    Mirzaei Mohammadreza / curated exhibition

    Moein Zahra / curated exhibition

    Mohajer Mehran / curated exhibition

    Mohammadi Alireza / curated exhibition

    Momtaheni Sina / curated exhibition

    Mostaghim Parsa / curated exhibition

    Motevali Haleh / curated exhibition

    Naeemi Hoora / curated exhibition

    Nasir Ali / solo exhibition

    Nemati Mehdi / curated exhibition

    Peyvandi Parham / curated exhibition

    Piryaee Mohammad / curated exhibition

    Qarakhani Zahra / Layers, solo  exhibition

    Rashidi Marzieh / curated exhibition

    Roghani Sajad Salman / curated exhibition

    Rooholamin Ehsan / curated exhibition

    Saaei Alireza / curated exhibition

    Sahihi Hamed / solo exhibition

    Salimi Shilan / curated exhibition

    Sedighian Reza / curated exhibition

    Shafiei Nooshin / curated exhibition

    Shiri Mehdi / curated exhibition

    Vaziri Sheida Noori curated exhibition

    Zaker Ameli Shantia / solo exhibition

    Zehtabchi Shiva / solo exhibition