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Mahmood Bakhshi & Block Group

Aug. 3rd  2018



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Lecture on Repetition

(the Curated Exhibition at Emrooz Gallery)

lecturers: Majid Akhgar & Ali Nejat Gholami

May. 2018



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Hossein Khosrowjah

Academic Scholar, Educator

Based in Berkeley, CA

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Va Lecture

“Aporias of Hospitality”

January 8, 2016, 10:00 IRST



Aporias of Hospitality

Hossein Khosrowjah at Va Space will talk about the ethical and cultural foundations of hospitality including the responsibilities of both the host and the guest. As the history of the 20th and the 21st centuries has been one of demographic displacement and ethnic dislocation, a philosophical examination of hospitality is foundational to understanding the intersubjective encounter with the (cultural/ethnic/national) Other. Such examination is also key to defining cosmopolitanism as one of contemporary ideologies of globalism (at least one that strives toward a more egalitarian and enlightened global community). The talk will briefly touch upon some of these ideas.