About Block blk.*


*Block is a collective including three members, Hoseyn Hoseyni, Iman Izadinia and Davood Dorra, formed in 2017. Block is both the name of this collective and the unit by which the members are defined with Block and “block of Block” are hence preferred to group or collective.

Block is not a design template, but an open block which is created from scratch every time and the cube root of “A” in Block’s logo refers to this aspect.

Block is an organic construction in response to the regular forms of artistic spaces.

Block is a way of design for its members –an open system for interacting with the space outside.

Block is the intro-group experience of artistic presentation using different exhibition algorithms in a variety of regular and experimental spaces.

Block is a search for new experiences through interaction with non-visual-arts group, especially musicians, for collective projects.

Some of these experiences are:

1. How to exhibit the artworks frequently in different ways by exchanging the works in some subjects which are in same concept. (the Chromatic Scales)

2. How to effect the members on each other to create a collection? (Harmony)

3. Keeping independence of each member. (Solo performance)

4. Using artworks of the nonpartisans to set up an art exhibition (set up concert with the other musicians out of the band)

5. Refer to the previous projects to edit and readout them. (Re-perform)


Sliding on the Yellow Line

Block group

Opening:  Oct. 19th 2018  , 4 P.M. to 8 P.M.

will continue until  Nov. 12th , 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.